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I AM NANCY is Heather Langenkamp and Arlene Marechal's award winning documentary that looks at Heather's long career playing "Nancy Thompson", the girl who fought Freddy Krueger in three Elm Street films. As she travels the world going to conventions and meeting fans, Heather ponders, "Why Freddymania and not Nancymania?" The film takes you on an unexpected ride that answers that question and highlights the importance of heroes like Nancy in our new age of monsters.

Here at the I AM NANCY STORE you can purchase a copy of the I AM NANCY DVD (a 71 minute feature documentary with bonus features that include an extended interview with Wes Craven; an extended interview with Robert Englund (actor who made Freddy a household name); and a 4 minute music video set to the I AM NANCY theme song which was performed by Jamie Coon and Tom Von Doom.

Our store also sells 8 x 10 photos of Heather Langenkamp.  Each photo comes with Heather's autograph and a personalized message.

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* Amsterdam Film Festival (Best Editing), South African Horrorfest (Best Documentary), Bleedfest Film Festival (Best Documentary)